Arrested Developments: United States Constitutional Auditors

Originally published on SwordPaper (Hakeem Alexander) I recently witnessed a group of Constitutional Auditors get arrested LIVE on a YouTube stream by the Leon Valley Police in Leon Valley, Texas. I have been watching this movement closely because of the … Continue reading

Sunset to Jinmen Island

(Hakeem Alexander) A photgraphic study of The Sun. Images were captured while on a ferry from Xiamen on the East Coast of China on the way to a small island of Taiwan called Jinmen (also Kinmen) in March of 2018. … Continue reading

Premiere Couples

(Hakeem Alexander) (001) 954.487-0014 Fort Lauderdale Beach – 01/15/2017   … Continue reading

Falling In Love: My Chinese Affair

(Hakeem Alexander) I have had my heart set on China for quite some time. Before going to live in China, and while there, I have documented a few items of interest to me. I also included a few items … Continue reading

Mind Control Codes / Mercenary Tyrants / 8K In 10 Minutes / Changing Flowers / Be Careful What You Ask

HEADLINES 3 Mind Control / Tyrants / $8,000 / Flowers / You Ask The Most Complete Secrets To Cracking The Code Of Mind Control “There are those who are not ethical and / or responsible with the techniques of mind … Continue reading