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Falling In Love: My Chinese Affair

(Hakeem Alexander) I have had my heart set on China for quite some time. Before going to live in China, and while there, I have documented a few items of interest to me.

I also included a few items of speculation, influenced by my  learning to speak Chinese. Dig in to the list below, and have a little fun for yourself and gain some insights into the wonders of China, and the alternate dimension of my mind.

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zhujiJust as I was about to publish this post, Episode 15 in Season 2 of Smallville called Prodigal, began on HULU.

It just so happened to start in the Chinese language. But I am rather used to synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences.

Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally

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In China it is called Shēngxiào which translates to “birth likeness” and is also known as The Spring Festival.

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The fact that it is called the “Devil’s Language”, somehow instantly turned me on to the similarity between the name of the language Oujiang, and the name of the Ouija Board.

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Learning to read and write in Chinese Mandarin might seem to be an enormous challenge. But I believe if you have the right combination of tools, you will be on your way very happily and quickly.

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What does coffee, personal development, success, Egyptian Sun Gods, Chinese and linguistics have in common? This secret phone recording between ShadowMyth and UniquilibriuM will tell you what.

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Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy has been used for centuries and focuses on providing a natural alternative for many types of conditions.

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Not too long ago, a video was circulating through social media channels about how “China’s ultra rich are growing in number and wealth“.

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