Crime Scene Investigators Work at 7th and 11th in Fort Lauderdale

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The Moon and Clouds on May Third 2017

Of course, one of my favorite subjects to photograph is the moon. So any time I have the opportunity, I zoom in to the sky, and capture the illuminated night. You can zoom in or crop any of these images … Continue reading

Urban WarFare: A Tank On The SideWalk

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Boiling Zones Artist of the Year 2016!

(Hakeem Alexander) *Who just dropped eight (8) boiling new tracks, featuring several different genres?! Track List DeCoherence Finding Xemu EndoThermic ReAction Bi-Location The Noble Gasses (Sounds Of Fear) Matrices And Vectors Rare Earth Medals C6 H12 O6 Treat Circulation and … Continue reading

Falling In Love: My Chinese Affair

(Hakeem Alexander) I have had my heart set on China for quite some time. Before going to live in China, and while there, I have documented a few items of interest to me. I also included a few items … Continue reading

WARNING: Hidden, Dangerous Hypnosis In Our Society

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Inductions And Post-Hypnotic Scripts For Scientific Numerology

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The New Scientific Numerology Is Powered By Hypnotic Suggestion

“The use of number and symbol to model, predict, and manipulate reality is a powerful form of sorcery.” – Useful Mathematical and Physical Formulae by Matthew Watkins (Hakeem Alexander) Blur the lines between what could actually be some type of mystical, … Continue reading