Boiling Zones Artist of the Year 2016!

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(Hakeem Alexander) *Who just dropped eight (8) boiling new tracks, featuring several different genres?! Track List DeCoherence Finding Xemu EndoThermic ReAction Bi-Location The Noble Gasses (Sounds Of Fear) Matrices And Vectors Rare Earth Medals C6 H12 O6 Treat Circulation and … Continue reading

Falling In Love: My Chinese Affair

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(Hakeem Alexander) I have had my heart set on China for quite some time. Before going to live in China, and while there, I have documented a few items of interest to me. I also included a few items … Continue reading

WARNING: Hidden, Dangerous Hypnosis In Our Society

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(Hakeem Alexander) READ: The Biggest Hidden Danger Of Hypnosis In Our Society   Treat Stress And Depression Naturally At Home (Exercising Your Mind) There is a hidden danger about hypnosis in our society that almost no one is aware of. My … Continue reading

Inductions And Post-Hypnotic Scripts For Scientific Numerology

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READ: Scientific Numerology Inductions, And Post-Hypnotic Scripts   (Hakeem Alexander) If you are not yet familiar with my concept and theory of Scientific Numerology, please READ the 2 following blogs by clicking on the links below, then proceed to … Continue reading

How To Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind For Personal Development

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WATCH the video and READ the details below to successfully influence your subconscious! (Hakeem Alexander) There are quite a few reasons that you may  want to take control of your own mind. You may not be as happy as … Continue reading

How To Use Hypnotic Numerology For Personal Development

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WATCH the video below and read the source material provided in the link. (Hakeem Alexander) Your conscious mind, and your subconscious mind respond to different types of communication. The information that our subconscious mind operates from will always be … Continue reading

The New Scientific Numerology Is Powered By Hypnotic Suggestion

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“The use of number and symbol to model, predict, and manipulate reality is a powerful form of sorcery.” – Useful Mathematical and Physical Formulae by Matthew Watkins (Hakeem Alexander) Blur the lines between what could actually be some type of mystical, … Continue reading

HEADLINES: Self-Hypnosis for Personal Development – Persistence, Action & MetaPhysics

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(Hakeem Alexander) Self- Hypnosis involves a series of natural, simple and powerful techniques and methods that you can use to create incredible personal transformations. Read the following 3 publications to understand how to make this magnificent tool work for you … Continue reading

The Child-Free Option: Is It For You?

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(Hakeem Alexander) Being Child-Free is a lifestyle choice that many people do not actively contemplate. This candid monologue explores my decision to remain Child-Free, and the benefits I experience because of this. Ancient Chinese Cupping Therapy Modernised for Maximum Results … Continue reading

How to Live in China and Teach English

(Exercising Your Mind) From March 22 of 2016 until July 20th 2016, I worked in China teaching English at a private school. I am on a summer break right now and will be returning soon to continue teaching. So that … Continue reading