9-Club Hangzhou

All unedited images from the evening of May 17th, 2020. Hakeem Alexander 150 8862 4853 Hangzhou | 718 395 7717 New York Long press, or right click on images to download or open in a new tab. … Continue reading

Arrested Developments: United States Constitutional Auditors

Originally published on SwordPaper (Hakeem Alexander) I recently witnessed a group of Constitutional Auditors get arrested LIVE on a YouTube stream by the Leon Valley Police in Leon Valley, Texas. I have been watching this movement closely because of the … Continue reading

The 1st Amendment Audit Phenomenon

1st published on SwordPaper (Hakeem Alexander) I was originally made aware of The 1st Amendment Audit Phenomena because I was contacted by independent journalist Nasty Nathanial on FaceBook. He reached out to me probably because one of my videos posted on … Continue reading

Sunset to Jinmen Island

(Hakeem Alexander) A photgraphic study of The Sun. Images were captured while on a ferry from Xiamen on the East Coast of China on the way to a small island of Taiwan called Jinmen (also Kinmen) in March of 2018. … Continue reading

Mall lighting test in Hangzhou, China with Flor Carrasco

(Hakeem Alexander) Hangzhou, East China; Zhejiang Province 150 8862 4853 Sony Alpha a7R II  / Filters = 0 / Post = Cropping; ISO View the photography of Flor Carrasco on www.FlorCarrasco.com! … Continue reading

Wedding Photography in Hangzhou, China 10-10-2017

(Hakeem Alexander) Flor set up an opportunity for us to photograph a wedding in China. Very exciting to have our 1st professional team-up with our new cameras in China. You can see the wedding from her perspective by visiting her … Continue reading