Bandarin: The ChimpZ Before China

(HypnoAthletics) I spoke Chimpzanese before I spoke Chinese. I have been listening to these guys since at least 2005. I am sure it is at least a year more, but I want to leave some room for error in case … Continue reading

Attika 7 / Zeitgeist New Thought / Bloody Mario

HEADLINES 8 Attika 7 at Whiskey A Go Go / A Zeitgeist Train of New Thought / Bloody Mario: Molestando Attika 7 at Whiskey A Go Go “Scary” Cary Singman, the lead guitarist from an awesome band called The CHIMPZ … Continue reading

The Chimpz / Media Impact / Lay My Heart To Rest

HEADLINES 7 The Chimpz / 99.3 KCLAFM / Lay My Heart To Rest The Chimpz NEW Music Video for “California The song CALIFORNIA and the music video that brings it into view is a fine example of the ever-increasing, progressive … Continue reading