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How to Live in China and Teach English

(Exercising Your Mind) From March 22 of 2016 until July 20th 2016, I worked in China teaching English at a private school.

m bar chinaI am on a summer break right now and will be returning soon to continue teaching.

So that you can make a checklist for yourself to get going on the right path, I am sharing with you the basic documents you will need.

I may also give you a little insight into the process.

My experience comes from someone who was born in the United States of America and therefore, I am a United States citizen.

I do not know the process in other countries but there are most likely similarities.


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Getting Started


Since you will be traveling to another country, you will need to apply, pay for and obtain a passport.

I applied for my passport on March 22nd of 2015 and received it shows that it was issued on April 20th, 2015.

I needed to submit my birth certificate and show two forms of I.D., which were my California State I.D. and my Social Security Card.

I applied for it at a post office in Glendale, California and they have a information sheet that informs you about everything you need.

I am sure this is the way it is anywhere that you apply for a passport.

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Diploma / Degree

One of the things that is required of all the schools you will apply to anywhere in the world is that you have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Degree Authentication

In order to get a Work Visa, also known as a Z Visa, your degree needs to be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate and submitted to your potential employer for verification.

TEFL / TESOL Certificate

TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and TESOL abbreviates Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

china yogaThere are other certifications with different acronyms but they all are credentials for teaching English that many employers find favorable in addition to a degree.

I received my Advanced TESOL Certification from TESOL Training International. They also acted as my agent with  job placement and got me placed in a job within 2 months.

F.B.I. / D.O.D. Background Check

You will have to submit your fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Justice in order to get a background check which is required by your employer.

There are many places that will do this, you will just have to do a search. It took about 2 months for me to get mine back, so do it ASAP.

If your arrest record is not completely clean, and you are not a crazy, violent criminal or sex offender, you can hire an attorney to seal and / or expunge the records.

You will have to give them the background check so they know what to seal or expunge so this is a must.

Also, note that the background check must not be dated any more than 12 months from the date you start to work.

Work / Z Visa

There are many types of visas like the tourist or L Visa. The one you will need to legally work in China is the work visa or Z Visa.

Your potential employer will have to write an offer letter, or letter of intent to hire and mail this to you so that you can present this at the Chinese Consulate when you are applying for your visa.

Your Bachelor’s Degree, the authentication of the degree, the TESOL Certificate, and Background check all need to be presented to your potential employer.

It is with these documents that they will determine whether to write you an offer letter or not. Without this, you cannot get a work visa.

I do believe I have covered everything. If you are someone in the know and see that I have left something out, please let me know by email:

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