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Green Parrot Fire in the Kitchen (Chic’s Beach Virginia Beach)

(Press Agent) !!!EVERYONE IS OKAY!!! Black smoke billows from a pitch, darkened kitchen.

There is also a 3-minute video at the end, from the scene that you will only find here on HypnoAthletics.Info and elsewhere on the UniquilibriuM Endeavor NetWork. (It’s a bunch of fire-trucks)

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Green Parrot Fire in the Kitchen YouTube Video

The following text is simply a copy and paste of an automatically generated transcript produced by the language processing system built in to the Callin app. I did not alter it in any way. You can listen to the story by clicking on one of the following links.


Green parrot fire in the kitchen that’s right green parrot fire in the kitchen so as I’m working the door power tonight the dj casey starts yelling

Everybody out everybody out everybody starts exiting through the front doors as there’s a plasticy chemical smell and black smoke is billowing from darkened black kitchen

People seem panicked but they actually exited quite calmly I don’t think most people knew exactly what was going on right away and so they didn’t really panic or freak out that much

Right now chris cavallo and I have cavallo creations have just driven away from the green parrot grill in chicks beach and so we are just on our way out of there to go do some more work

I mean what else are we going to do except to keep on going when one thing shuts down we just have to keep on going so the green paris was on fire

There had to be at least a dozen fire trucks there right something like that so there’s video and as soon as I get that up I’ll put a link up to that in the blog

This is the other party in chicks beach so probably on swordpaper.com we’ll see I don’t have a particular site for the other party in chicks beach but it looks like the party in that

Part of chicks beach and the green power is going to be shut down for a while we’ll see what happens with that what develops I mean I can only imagine that

It’s not going to be open for a while that doesn’t seem like the best of ideas but you never know what could happen you never know how quickly they resolved

The matter or what the extent of the damage is but I did see some guys with a hose spraying down the roof I think if it wasn’t for those guys it would have been a lot worse

There were some guys who acted very quickly and they broke open a window on the side of the green parrot I think the west side of the building and we’re spraying a hose inside

Funny that some people were ridiculing them for spraying water inside but I mean they actually made progress I went around and saw that they made progress in getting the fire at

Least put out enough the fire department showed up in mass and they took over so fortunately as far as I know everyone is okay that should have been the first thing

I said everyone is okay I’ll put that in the title of the room right now but as far as everyone is okay and chris did anybody report that there were any injuries there at all

Negative all right so no injuries as far as you know no injuries no chaos and they didn’t start playing the vision I don’t know why so everything went well

So I think he will be good so we’ll see what develops is going to give me more time to work with chris those initiatives and things that are going on

And there was a video I did a couple of years ago definitely a few years ago because I was on the floor in hanzhou china and there was an exposure across the street from my apartment

And I actually was interviewed on the television by the news because I just showed up there and I think I was asking some questions but I have a cool little video

I’m going to put the link to that here because my Florcita my little flowers in there so I like to make sure I keep track of all that good stuff anyway