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Boiling Zones Artist of the Year 2016!

(Hakeem Alexander) *Who just dropped eight (8) boiling new tracks, featuring several different genres?!

Track List

  1. DeCoherence
  2. Finding Xemu
  3. EndoThermic ReAction
  4. Bi-Location
  5. The Noble Gasses (Sounds Of Fear)
  6. Matrices And Vectors
  7. Rare Earth Medals
  8. C6 H12 O6

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That’s right..

Ya boy Hakeem Alexander from REd COiN, AcrimoniuM, Indenju, Rapid Condensation, Rap Carnage, and so many more.

Listen to “SIX13 RECORDS” on Spreaker.

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Hakeem Alexander in Virginia Beach

DeCoherence features wonderfully arranged strings, followed by a violently, unexpected, yet beautifully arranged ensemble of brasswinds.

There is also an operatic interlude of classical voices, followed closely by an invective female vocalist who sings like she own the place..

Finding Xemu brings together horns, together rap, to opera, heavy metal and dub step.

Explosions in the mind of you. You’ll be wondering:

“Where the heck did this beast of a track come from?! – Dayum!!! This is some pretty Epic, Dub-Step! We call this EndoThermic ReAction…

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Plus so many more off the line tracks

But what else should we expect from this musical magician, this audio alchemist, this sonic sorcerer?


Boiling Zones

This is music so hot, that it makes water change chemical properties from liquid to gas!

*This article is totally biased because it was written by me, for me, and about me.


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P.S. – I write news articles about myself as much as I can. Every day if I could….