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How To Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind For Personal Development

WATCH the video and READ the details below to successfully influence your subconscious!

(Hakeem Alexander) There are quite a few reasons that you may  want to take control of your own mind.


  • You may not be as happy as you like and want to be genuinely happy.
  • It is possible that you need more control over being healthier.
  • Then there is  the question of whether or not you are doing meaningful work.
  • What is your definition of success?

You are able to achieve all of this when you successfully influence your subconscious mind.

READ: How Do You Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind?

Here is how you do this.

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You must speak the language of the subconscious.

Get past the critical filter.

The language is basically emotionally charged imagery.

Using emotionally charged imagery establishes your beliefs, attitudes, and mind-set, or what is also known as your paradigm.

Your paradigm influences your emotions.

Emotions are the guidance that determine the direction that your imagery will take.

Your emotions drive your behavior.

Behavior becomes habit, habits become your character, which is who you are.

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Behavior is what you do, the actions that you take which are constantly molding and sculpting your life, and physical reality, to match your inner, emotional, subconscious reality.

The things that you do are basically the efforts of your conscious experience to be congruent with your subconscious beliefs about who you are.


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