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Where Does Yoga Come From?

Do YOU know where Yoga comes from?

I wonder if you care.

If you do care, I am going to share with you exactly where Yoga really comes from.

If you don’t care, it is probably because you have never practiced Yoga before or, it could just be that you accept it for how wonderful it is without thinking that question.

A lot of folks would name the location of Yoga’s origin as being India and have that as their answer. Is that your answer?

As I understand it, Yoga comes from the same place that all physical, mental and spiritual joys come from.

It comes from being you.

Let that sink in for a moment. And then let all the people you care about know that there is a new Yoga Advisor in West Hollywood, California.

This is just one of many great locations that you can create Yoga from within all that you are, and on to being all that you can.

If not for yourself, then here are a few questions I would ask of the person or people that you share this message with when getting started.

  • Is there anything I can do to help get you in the studio with classes that are right for you, as well as the most convenient times to fit your schedule?
  • Are there any specific benefits or results which you have set as goals for your Yoga Practice?
  • If there is anything at all that I might be able to do that will make your YogaWorks experience the best, please reach out to me any time I am at the studio.

If texting is a best option for you then use my
Yoga Advisor Line818-430-5441
I am available Sundays from 8AM until 4PM

Monday thru Thursday from 1:PM until 9PM

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