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Channels Of Success / End Confusion / Airborne Pandemic?


Success / Confusion / Pandemic

This 3rd edition is special. Because it is introducing you to “The Dark Side of Blogging“.

That’s right, the blood-soaked SwordPaper has been included.

And today, I have not written anything for my Psychic Blogs, because of some changes.

Obviously, there will be some mouthwatering new developments for you when I resume my posts for those psychic domains.

– Hakeem Alexander

And the more you understand how to ask yourself the right questions, the more you’ll receive the channels of success, and experience life exactly how you decide for it to be.


But first, listen to this amazing song on violin accompanied by piano.

It was recorded live and has about 20-seconds of intro silence.”


 * * * [REMINDER:John Muir String Quartet Performs August 1st & 3rd in Ridgecrest, CA.]

This SwordPaper will go down in history as an Undisputed Champion of Logic and Reason against all you smoking fucktards out there.


LIVE MUSIC VIDEO: “Lay My Heart To Rest


Exercising Your Mind

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