Mind Control Codes / Mercenary Tyrants / 8K In 10 Minutes / Changing Flowers / Be Careful What You Ask


Mind Control / Tyrants / $8,000 / Flowers / You Ask

There are those who are not ethical and / or responsible with the techniques of mind control that have not only left you behind with the understanding; but are controlling you.”


For this is the way that we have come under the control of those mercenary tyrants who would have us fooled and enslaved.”


…it demonstrates that you can create your own products or services, and profit very well from them with the right marketing.”


Oh I’m suffocating / Without your embrace / Cuz I know that I’ll never again / Kiss you on your beautiful face, oh no…


Even though many parts of this very welcome scenario are true, there are some parts that have revealed the dark side of me.”


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