Industrial Eye Photography

(Hakeem Alexander) Sony Alpha a 7R II / 70 – 300mm Book Photography Session – 954.487-0014 … Continue reading

Active Ocean

(Hakeem Alexander) Sony Alpha a 7R II / 70 – 300mm Book Photography Session – 954.487-0014      … Continue reading

Flower By The Pool

(Hakeem Alexander) Flor By The Pool – UnEdited Images Model Flor Elizabeth Carrasco Location: Premiere Hotel, Fort Lauderdale Beach (001) 954.487-0014: Booking … Continue reading

Sony Alpha A 7R II Test Number 2 At Premiere Hotel Bar and Cafe

(Hakeem Alexander) And there are also some random photos related to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting. … Continue reading

Premier Hotel Fort Lauderdale Beach Camera Test

(Hakeem Alexander) Premiere Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach. 625 North Fort Lauderdale Beach and 3110 Belmar Street. Paradise. … Continue reading

Boiling Zones Artist of the Year 2016!

(Hakeem Alexander) *Who just dropped eight (8) boiling new tracks, featuring several different genres?! Track List DeCoherence Finding Xemu EndoThermic ReAction Bi-Location The Noble Gasses (Sounds Of Fear) Matrices And Vectors Rare Earth Medals C6 H12 O6 Treat Circulation and … Continue reading

Falling In Love: My Chinese Affair

(Hakeem Alexander) I have had my heart set on China for quite some time. Before going to live in China, and while there, I have documented a few items of interest to me. I also included a few items … Continue reading

WARNING: Hidden, Dangerous Hypnosis In Our Society

(Hakeem Alexander) READ: The Biggest Hidden Danger Of Hypnosis In Our Society   Treat Stress And Depression Naturally At Home (Exercising Your Mind) There is a hidden danger about hypnosis in our society that almost no one is aware of. My … Continue reading

Inductions And Post-Hypnotic Scripts For Scientific Numerology

READ: Scientific Numerology Inductions, And Post-Hypnotic Scripts   (Hakeem Alexander) If you are not yet familiar with my concept and theory of Scientific Numerology, please READ the 2 following blogs by clicking on the links below, then proceed to … Continue reading

How To Successfully Influence Your SubConscious Mind For Personal Development

WATCH the video and READ the details below to successfully influence your subconscious! (Hakeem Alexander) There are quite a few reasons that you may  want to take control of your own mind. You may not be as happy as … Continue reading